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A number of improvements in the Leave and Work Time modules

Last month brought a lot of enhancements in two modules – Leave and Work Time. They give even more independence and possibilities in data management.

In the Leave module, we have added the ability to independently decide whether to enable the edition of approved requests. After enabling this option, the HR Department will be able to edit requests that have been finally approved or are pending approval.

Edition of approved requests.

In addition, in the request view, there is an option to expand the use of leave list, which offers the month by month breakdown view.

Drop-down list in absence summary table.

Note: this does not apply to annual leave / on demand / unavailability – for these types, a separate link has been added to the report showing the breakdown of the holiday limit.

Link to the report with annual leave limit breakdown.

There are also improvements in the Project section in the Work Time module. We have added the ability to export to Excel a detailed list of who, how much and on which day somebody worked on a given project.

Ability to export a report with detailed project data to Excel.

A comment column was added in the execution of the selected project report (which also appears in the export to Excel). A annotation is added when marking the time spent on a given project. The list summarizes comments for a given day and a given project, so if there is more than one, they are separated by a semicolon.

"Comment" column in the execution report of a given project.

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