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Updates – new version of dashboard

Responding to needs of our users, we have introduced a number of changes to the home page view. The new, more transparent and multi-functional dashboard is designed to speed up and streamline your daily work with HRnest. Below we present selected optimizations based on an employee account.

A new section for Working time registration, with the option of marking attendance and assigning the registered working time to individual tasks / projects.

Working time registration in the HRnest system.

Calendar in weekly and monthly views, where you will see not only registered working hours, but also a work schedule created for you, issued vacation requests, vacation plans or your own notifications – all in one place!

Weekly view:

New calendar view on the HRnest home page.

Monthly view:

Monthly view of the calendar on the new HRnest dashboard.

From this level, you can also quickly add a vacation request or vacation plan without having to enter individual tabs of the system. Click on the ‘+’ visible on the calendar to perform a specific action.

Quick actions in the calendar.

Documents – preview of documents submitted on a selected day in the Calendar.

Documents section on the HRnest homepage.

In the Last changes section, you can see a list of your requests from various modules with the option to open their details. Note that the icons match the color of the module they come from – this may help you to differentiate their sources. The latest changes appear on the list and the newest ones go to the top of the list, so you always have the latest information.

Last changes section.

On the right hand side of the screen there is the Basic data section, where you will find out how many days are left for holiday leave or other absences, e.g. childcare for which a limit has been imposed.

Basic leave data visible on the start page.

The next item – Employees today – enables a quick overview of people absent from the company or working from home. After clicking the ‘More’ button, you can see the list for the selected date range (you can sort the data by department and employee). The view of the list of absent persons depends on the rights granted to you, e.g. access to absent persons within the department in which you work or the entire organization.

List of employees who are absent and working from home - date range.

Choose quick actions is the last section that helps and speeds up your work – thanks to it, you can move to your favorite system functionalities with just one click from logging in. Define your own shortcut list and have the functions you use most often at hand

Quick actions on the HRnest dashboard.

The new view of the start page in the account of the manager and the HR Department allows you to quickly view more data about the company’s employees, the option of registering their working time or issuing a vacation request – all this can be done from the dashboard, without wasting time on going through individual system tabs!

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