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Improvements – further changes in the Planning section and the Work time module

We have collected the changes that have appeared this month in one place. These are further improvements to the Planning section in the Leave module and to Work time module.

The first change concerns the Planning section: it allows you to approve requests from this level (so far the HR department could only view their details, no actions were allowed).

Acceptance of vacation requests from the level of the Planning section.

Another change concerns the Timesheet report and Employees who work irregularly on the base schedule. Now, in the column with the number of hours of daily work, the same value that has been selected in the schedule is substituted.

Daily working hours in the Timesheet Report adequate to the work schedule.

Moreover, an additional column appeared in the same report – information about projects.

Projects section visible in timesheet report.

To enable it, go to the settings in the Work time configuration.

Enabling Projects view in Timesheet report.

The night time settings have also been changed – so far it was possible to select only full hours, and now you can set with an accuracy of quarters of an hour e.g 21:00, 21:15, 21:30, 21:45 etc.

Night hours with the accuracy of a quarter of an hour.

Additionally, sick leaves were marked in a different color in the Work schedule execution report.

Different color for sick leaves in the schedule execution report.

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