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The Ernest Wojcicki Foundation for Prenatal Medicine was founded by a married couple of doctors, Nicole and Kuba, who, after their own painful experiences in obstetrics, found the strength and motivation to create a foundation named after their deceased son.

The Foundation's activities are focused on various forms of providing assistance and support to women and their families, precisely in difficult perinatal situations. Their main goal is to improve the quality of prenatal care in Poland. On a daily basis, they provide free psychological and legal support and access to specialized consultations.


How did the company manage before?

Mrs. Olga Kryśkiewicz, currently the Vice President of the foundation, told us that before implementing the application, the company the company carried out HR processes in the traditional way. They relied on paper-based applications and folders to collect and archive them within the company. They were looking for something that would standardize the process, improve organization, and allow employees to save time and gain peace of mind.

We were looking for a new solution mainly for convenience and organizational improvements. To have everything in one place, updated in real-time. We wanted to have full control and transparency of information, and for the usage to be easy for both employers and employees.

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Olga Kryśkiewicz

Vice President of the foundation

Implemented solutions

Easy usability at every level

The main advantage of our application, which the interviewee emphasizes, is its user-friendly interface. Mrs. Olga has developed her career in the foundation, which gave her the opportunity to experience the application from both an employee's and a team manager's perspective. The Leave Management module they use, streamlines work not only from both mentioned perspectives but also for the HR department. It provides constant access to data, making it easy to verify all matters related to leaves.

In HRnest, it is incredibly easy to input, upload, or modify data. It's incredibly simple and makes requesting leave tremendously easier. There's no need to print anything, sign documents, or wait for someone else, which also saves time. The efficiency and speed of handling processes has benefited greatly.

In addition to leave management, the foundation also utilizes the Work Time module. Our system makes it easy for employees to input data, ensuring accuracy and reliability. From a manager's perspective, all data is transparent and collected in one place, making management significantly easier.

Time tracking registration also doesn't require any involvement from additional personnel. From the employee's perspective, clocking in hours as well as submitting vacation requests is extremely easy.

Managing a small team

Mrs. Olga, along with her promotion, received new tasks, which she mastered in no time. The user-friendly application and clear interface made adapting to the new position effortless.

The new responsibilities, such as setting up leave limits or adding employees, are also easy to handle. I didn't have to refer to any instructions or specifically check how to handle them.

As a manager, Mrs. Olga values time-saving and the clarity of collected data the most. She doesn't worry that the data won't be completed correctly or archived properly, because the application takes care of that on its own.

Even if an employee makes a mistake and enters something incorrectly, from the managerial account I can easily edit it and automatically save it. Even when the account is deactivated, all documentation is retained, which is very important for us from a legal point of view.

Results from the first day of use

Thanks to the fact that employees know how to use the application right away, the entire company benefits. There's no need for special training or answering hundreds of questions. If needed, there's also an extensive help section and the possibility of direct contact with support, although the Ernest Foundation doesn't even need to use these conveniences.

It's very rare for employees to have any questions. Everyone can use this system without any instructions. Thanks to HRnest, we take care of leaves and working hours in a simple and transparent way.

Mrs. Olga believes that from the very first day, there is a noticeable difference in HR process management. Planning leaves or marking remote work takes just a moment in the system, providing the entire company with necessary information for smooth operations.

From the very first day of using HRnest, employees can plan their leaves or request remote work. As a result, managers know who is at work and who is available remotely. It's also easy to input leaves and ensure they are well-planned.

Basic and task-oriented work mode

As a constantly growing foundation, they have employees who work under different agreements. HRnest allows you to choose the time tracking system depending on the type of contract each employee has. A single registration system is introduced, so that operation continues to be simple and without any unnecessary elements.

We utilize the option of individual configuration of employee accounts because we employ workers in both regular and task-based work modes. The various time tracking options makes it very easy for us to control and plan.

Transparent calendars take into account every type of work. Thanks to this, you only need to view one file to easily know when a certain project will be completed or to easily schedule meetings with necessary team members.

Regardless of the mode of work, we look at the calendar created in the system and immediately see when someone is working and how to schedule meetings so that the necessary employees are sure to show up. In HRnest this is very transparent.

System regularly updated

The Ernest Foundation greatly values transparency and up-to-date data. Unfortunately, in ever-changing regulations, this can be quite a problem. Thankfully, HRnest as SaaS (Software as a Service) takes care of updating the system itself.

Whenever something in the law changes, the relevant functions immediately appear in the system. This is very convenient, since regulations are constantly changing.

The system prepares for the latest changes and takes them into account just before they are implemented. New changes are announced as a changelog on our website, so that each customer can find out what has changed in the regulations and how our system has adapted to the new situation.

As soon as there were changes in connection with remote working, we were anxious for this option to appear in the system. It turned out that it was already included! It was enough to add it to its module and everything worked without any problems.

An essential tool for small organizations

Managing a small team also means a lot of responsibilities. With HRnest, you can speed up and facilitate all related processes. Ernest Foundation gained a direct view of leave and working time and effectively manages the team.

HRnest is good for any size company, but especially for small organizations. It provides significant assistance in managing leaves and time tracking. Having such a tool is also a great support in legal and HR matters.

Before starting the collaboration, the foundation had concerns that introducing a new system might cause complications. They were worried about inefficiency and difficulties in the implementation process. However, they quickly realized that HRnest is a simple tool that saves time and reduces stress, allowing employees to focus on their tasks and responsibilities.

We have a small team, but big plans, so we are keen to make our work as efficient as possible. The HRnest system, as a daily working tool, takes care of many tasks for us by itself and allows us to focus on what is important to us.

Olga Kryśkiewicz
Vice President of the foundation
Ernest Foundation

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