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Founded in 2005, Morele is currently the second-largest multi-vertical e-commerce platform in Poland, operating in a hybrid model (1P and marketplace). The company has an extensive technical and logistical infrastructure to deliver excellent value to customers and sellers. Morele's experts and community support customers in choosing products that precisely meet their needs, so the company achieves very good results in the customer experience area.

The company started with a dozen employees and, like most companies at the time, used vacation requests on paper. And, as is sometimes the case with the traditional form of workflow, it involved all employees, HR and supervisors. Employees usually first called HR to find out how many days off they had left, then fill out and applied for a leave. After that, the request was forwarded to a supervisor.

The second decade of the 21st century saw rapid growth in the e-commerce industry, which did not go unnoticed by Morele. The situation began to become more complicated when the company's rapid growth took place and the number of employees exceeded a hundred. This was particularly problematic during periods around holidays when the HR department sometimes had to handle dozens of employees from different departments with different supervisors every day.

HRnest usprawnia zarządzanie dużą organizacją

Good HR is simple HR

To reduce paperwork, the company decided to implement HRnest. The implementation turned out to be straightforward, thanks to an intuitive main panel.

All the options in HRnest are described clearly, making it easy to find your way around the system. It is intuitive for our department to search for leave requests or lists of employees in the company, as well as create new employees' accounts. Other staff members in our company also benefit from HRnest, because thanks to the system they can easily submit vacation requests or check how many unused vacation days they still have left.


Anna Szwagrzyk-Jakacka

HR and Payroll Specialist

Our goal in HRnest is to remain as simple and intuitive as possible. We want anyone, without outside help or instruction, to use their account in HRnest without any struggles. All tabs and features in the app are easily accessible and - even if any questions or doubts arise - we have a comprehensive Help section available on our website. You can also make use of user guides, as well as the customer service team available by phone, email and chat.

Implemented solutions

Full control over the extensive structure of the organization

The following years saw further dynamic growth of the company and an increasing number of employees. Here the Organization tab proved to be very helpful, helping to find Morele's way around the company's increasingly complex structure.

What I particularly like about the Organization tab is that you can change a supervisor in bulk and don't have to do it for one employee at a time. For example, when I need to change a team leader or manager of a particular department, I don't have to go into the details of each person's profile, I just select all employees and choose the 'change supervisor' action, which is very convenient.

HRnest allows several quick actions like changing supervisors and departments or approving and rejecting leave requests in bulk. These functions also prove to be very useful when launching the system - they allow you to collectively add employees and leave policies. You can also add old leave requests issued before implementing HRnest, using a template Excel file. This is a huge simplification that will make it possible to introduce HRnest in one day to even a 100-person organization.


Simplifying the vacation request process

Human resources were not the only ones who felt the significant benefit of switching to an electronic workflow. In such a large and dispersed organization, effectively submitting a vacation request used to be a complicated procedure, involving several additional people, a lot of time and tons of paper. With the disappearance of paper requests, the process has been greatly simplified, and the time and energy saved can be spent by employees on the proper work.

For employees, access to HRnest is a big advantage, because they can log in to the system at any time, on any device and quickly submit leave requests, without having to fill out paper documents, says Anna Szwagrzyk-Jakacka.

HRnest allows you to use the system anywhere - all you need is a browser and Internet access on your phone. There is nothing to install. Our mobile version also provides the full functionality of the system.

Integration with Comarch ERP Optima program

Like any organization, Morele also uses Payroll software. Thanks to the integration available in HRnest with the most popular Payroll apps, data from HRnest can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and then imported into the program, in this case, Comarch ERP Optima.

Because we have compatible systems, we import leave requests issued in HRnest to our Payroll system. This solution greatly facilitates our work, as we don't have to fill in the data ourselves.

In HRnest, Payroll departments can easily export leave data to the software they use, including SAP, Comarch ERP Optima and Enova. And Payroll systems are not the only available integrations our app offers!


Easier handling of a large organization

Handling an organization this size is quite a challenge. We're talking about more than 500 employees, each of whom, at least a few times a year, submits a vacation request, goes on sick leave or chooses another type of leave from the available leave policy. On top of that, there's leave scheduling and accounting. A data filtering option implemented in our system's structure helps in finding your way around such an extensive structure.

As administrators, we have a lot of work to do, but we are getting along quite well. The filtering option in HRnest helps a lot, though. Above all, the ability to filter the types of applications. This comes in very handy for us, because we can find specific employees, departments, the status of the request.

HRnest has an extensive filtering functionality, depending on the selected section in the app. In the Organization section, it is possible to filter users by contract type, organization, department, supervisor and daily hours. On the other hand, in the leave module, filters such as date, type of request, status, type of contract, organization, department and person are available on the list of requests.

Eliminating errors in vacation requests

People's mistakes happen, and electronic leave requests are no exception. Wrong date range, lack of designated replacement, the wrong type of leave request - this can happen to anyone. However, the system is prepared for such situations. In HRnest, the request does not have to be cancelled and reversed to the employee, it can be corrected from the HR account.

We know that mistakes can happen. Or, sometimes, for various reasons, there is a need to simply make changes to the application. Thanks to the editing function, we do not have to delete a given application and create it again to have everything in order. All we have to do is to make the changes we want in the already created application.

Of course, in HRnest it is also possible to cancel the request and send it back to the employee for corrections. It all depends on the preferences of the company and the system configuration.

Morele has been using HRnest for 8 years, which is practically from the beginning of its existence. During all this time, Morele has grown and changed along with HRnest. As a client, they have witnessed and also participated in many changes and improvements. How does Anna Szwagrzyk-Jakacka summarize these years of cooperation?

Ease of use, intuitiveness, good communication with the service provider, meeting various customer needs.

Those are the qualities that have made stay with HRnest to this day, and this is the best recommendation.

Anna Szwagrzyk-Jakacka
HR and Payroll Specialist

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