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Jagodziński Skrzypek Attorneys at Law is a team of legal advisors, attorneys at law, doctors of legal sciences, trainee legal advisors, and trainee attorneys at law led by Dr. Marcin Jagodziński and Dr. Maciej Skrzypek. The law firm provides legal advisory services to both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and public sector entities. Additionally, they offer legal assistance to individual clients under the Private Lawyer service.

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How did the company manage before?

The legal industry, as a profession of public trust, is seen as very traditional and even conservative. This is due to the obligation to use paper files in court proceedings and beyond. Hence the attachment to this form also in administrative and personnel activities.

The use of personnel services delegated to an external company has always been associated with a certain risk - paper documentation can be destroyed, lost, it is also easier to make a mistake and, above all, it takes up more and more space unnecessarily over the years. Another questionable issue was the fact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, UE), the security of sensitive employee data, when documents are lost or delivered to the wrong place.

Slowly, however, courts as well as law firms are opening up to new solutions and technologies, and this trend is noticeable among HRnest clients.

The biggest HR concern for JSP's law firm was the number of documents and the length of the document flow path.

Incorrectly issued leave requests, a problem with the availability of a supervisor, related delays, and a human resources office in another location all caused requests to get lost at times, resulting in a mess.

Beata Gawron Marketing & Office Manager JSP

Beata Gawron

Marketing & Office Manager JSP

Implemented solutions

Access to multiple HR processes

At the time, the law firm's Office Manager came up with the initiative, and in order to organize these issues and reduce the number of related duties, she did a research of an application for leave and business trip management. There was no problem convincing her superiors to do so, as this law firm is open to technological solutions and uses many other online programs. After comparing several applications in terms of functionality, price, visuals and organization, it was decided on HRnest:

The main thing that tempted us, in addition to the attractive and competitive price, was the fact that there is a very large room for maneuver, meaning there is a wide range of HR-related functionalities available.

Depending on the type of account (Employee, Manager, HR), the main panel of the HRnest system is tailored to the most important needs of the user. Its interface is designed to perform the necessary actions or get the maximum information with the least number of clicks. In addition, depending on the modules selected by the company, the user panel changes to show related functionalities.

For the next 30 days, Office Manager tested key functions related to the Holidays and Delegations modules. What did she notice at first?

What caught my attention was the clear dashboard. All the relevant information for me, such as: leave requests submitted, how many vacation days I have used myself, how many I have left, who is on leave from the team in a given week - are on the home page. I don't have to search through tabs for the upcoming week's information, I just have everything in one place right after logging in.

HRnest streamlines communication and speeds up processes

Even though the testing period lasted 30 days, the first effects were noticeable almost immediately. Since the employees of the law firm usually apply for single-day leaves, a significant number of requests could accumulate within a month. Each of these requests required checking, filing, presenting to the supervisor, and then verifying if it was approved = signed. Afterwards, it had to be sent as a scan to the HR department and ensuring it was received. After implementing HRnest, these processes significantly accelerated:

This process has been reduced to a single step, namely logging into the platform, checking if the supervisor approved the request, and I already know that our HR department received it. Similarly, when it comes to payroll data, home office issues, sick leaves, maternity leaves, study leaves, everything is taken care of by the HRnest application on our behalf. Our HR staff no longer asks us about how many vacation days an employee has used, and we don't inquire about how many vacation days we have left until the end of the year because everything is accessible in the system.

Legally required HR paperwork for even the smallest company is time-consuming, and the amount of paperwork can overwhelm. HRnest speeds up and shortens all these processes, saving a lot of time and energy, both for employees, HR departments and managers.

Time reclaimed

For the manager as well, the implementation of HRnest proved to be a significant and, above all, positive change.

The manager noticed that employees have more time for substantive work and are not occupied with administrative and organizational issues. They don't have to stress or worry or go to the supervisor every now and then. He also has peace of mind because no one is knocking on his office every three minutes asking him to sign a vacation request.

Using HRnest, companies can minimize the organizational duties of their employees to a minimum. Thanks to the user-friendly panel, everyone can fully concentrate on substantive actions, reducing tasks like submitting or approving leave requests to purely technical activities.

Convenient delegation settlements

In the JSP law firm, managing business trips is the responsibility of the Office Manager. Employees provide information about their trips, such as attending a trial or meeting a client in another city, and the Office Manager collects all the necessary data to issue a business trip order and subsequently settle the delegation.

Previously, this process was problematic because different HR offices worked with various document templates. Whenever the firm changed HR providers or personnel, it turned out that the documents were incorrect, incomplete, and required amendments. As a result, delegation settlements were time-consuming and involved reprinting and sending documents again, which incurred unnecessary costs over the course of a year.

In HRnest, a significant advantage is the seamless integration of all processes. When I issue a business trip order, it receives its unique number, and when I do the settlement, it automatically links to the corresponding order. Thanks to this, I can see everything at a glance - whether there was an advance payment, its amount, the dates and purpose of the business trip, and whether the delegation has been settled or not. This is all done on a single form, making it clear to the employee, supervisor and HR.

In the Business Trips module, an electronic business trip order can be issued using a single form - you just need to specify the purpose of the trip, places and dates and means of transportation, and you can also request an advance payment. The same document is the basis for generating a preliminary settlement of the delegation. The employee can independently enter into the system information about the course of travel and means of transportation, along with scans of receipts and invoices. HRnest will automatically calculate the values of per diems and lump sums due to the employee. And all this happens online.

Secure personal data

Previously, in the law firm, all personnel documents were collected and sent to an external personnel office in the form of larger packages every few months. Since they were sent via the traditional route, there was some risk that the package could go missing and sensitive data would be intercepted by someone not authorized to do so. With the switch to HRnest, there is no need to send any documentation by mail, just access to the application.

At HRnest, the issue of GDPR and data security, both from the employee and employer side, is at the highest level. We are all provided with a sense of security.

HRnest is fully aligned with current regulations, while supporting employers (data controllers) in meeting the obligations imposed on them by GDPR. The system uses Microsoft® Azure® servers - some of the most secure servers in the world, compliant with many global and industry standards. At HRnest, employee data is safe.

Self-sufficient and easy to use

For employees, the biggest inconvenience was the process of submitting a leave request, starting from printing the form, getting it to the supervisor, and obtaining the signature. This caused unnecessary stress, especially when the leave request was sudden or the supervisor was not available at the office.

Now, employees can sit in front of their computers at any time, even in the evening, and calmly discuss with their partners and submit a leave request by logging into the application. Everyone is delighted that they no longer have to do this on paper.

The system is simple for employees at every level, and every action is reduced to a few clicks. Thanks to this, Jagodzinski Skrzypek Radcowie Prawni Law Firm is an example of a client who, from the beginning of the tests, through the implementation of the system, to the daily use, is completely independent and has not needed contact with support so far.

So after two years of using the system, how does JSP Law Firm evaluate HRnest?

The fact that I have never had to contact HRnest support only confirms that I am satisfied with the cooperation. We will definitely stick with the Leave Management and Business Trips modules because they work perfectly for us, and we use them month after month. We cannot imagine life without these features.

Beata Gawron
Marketing & Office Manager JSP
JSP Legal

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