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This is the Polish branch of an international beverage company. The company entered the Polish market in the 1990s. Due to the internal policy of the organization, we do not disclose the name or logo. However, we are sharing the feedback of the main users of our HRnest application anonymously, as it brought significant positive changes to the company.

How did the company manage before?

For many years, the company used paper leave requests, with all the associated consequences - misfiled or lost requests or mistakes in leave accounting. In retrospect, this is not remembered very well.

I remember that old file when I was still working here... It was an Excel file, shared among several people, as team members changed frequently. There was a lot of room for errors and inconsistencies in that file.


HR Business Partner

So, it was decided to switch to the email format, which also complicated the company's workflow. Sometimes emails would get lost, overlooked, or sent without the attached vacation request form. This resulted in increased workload, and there was a significant responsibility on the employee who verified these requests, as potential errors in calculations could affect the final limits. It had serious consequences for the vacation reserve, which was essentially a cost for the employer. Therefore, the search for an online solution that would automate this process began. HRnest was chosen based on a recommendation from another company, which described the tool as "very cool and highly user-friendly."

Implemented solutions

Friendly onboarding

Indeed, the positive feedback received during the initial testing phase, which involved the entire team, confirmed the following statements:

Initially, we tested HRnest on different teams and the general feedback was that it was a friendly and readable tool. There was a very positive reception from people. It was a change that had been eagerly awaited for a long time. - Ewelina.

In HRnest, every company gets a free 30-day trial period during which they can explore the full functionality of the system along with their employees. No obligations and no need to provide credit card information.

HRnest is continuously evolving as a system, both in terms of functionality and user experience (UX), as well as in terms of interface readability and clarity (User Interface). All of this is done to ensure that it remains as understandable and user-friendly as possible while meeting the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Similar to the positive experiences mentioned above, Victoria, who joined the team as an HR Business Partner after the system was implemented, also had a very favorable impression:

For me, HRnest was the most intuitive among all the systems we have, and there are quite a few of them. I didn't need anyone to show me how to use it because, from both the employee's and HR department's perspective, the system doesn't have unnecessary thousands of options that no one uses. It's really simple and clear. - Victoria.

Flexibility above all

During the initial discussions about system implementation, the company emphasized the importance of a flexible approach. It was about the possibility of making potential changes, such as customizing certain functionalities to suit the organization's needs. They had not always had good experiences with this in the past, as some companies would declare openness to changes during the implementation but later withdrew from it.

As for HRnest, we have been getting signals from the very beginning that you are flexible, and indeed you are. The moment we want to change or add something, I send an email to support and momentarily get a response. That's the nice thing about it, that it's a flexible enough system that you can expand it and it doesn't take much time from the customer's perspective. - Ewelina.

HRnest not only supports the most popular types of leave requests, but also allows companies to create their own. At the moment, customers have more than 180 different types of leave requests at their disposal, including birthday leave, extra day off to celebrate a work anniversary, moving day, menstrual leave, volunteer leave or rehabilitation leave, among others. Some of these leaves can be added to the pool by companies themselves, while the more original ones can be easily added by contacting our support. The whole thing takes literally a few minutes.

HRnest - not only for the HR department

Because Business Partners deal with HR holistically in this organization, they have a lot of responsibilities. They wanted some of these tasks, to move into the hands of employees and their managers. HRnest enabled them to do so, allowing them to redefine the workflow path.

I really like the fact that there is an option to take us out of this approval and workflow process. This makes the job a lot easier, especially since there is not as much need for HR to get involved in every part of the process, for example, when it comes to leaves of absence. Now the responsibility largely shifts to the manager and the employee. - Ewelin

In HRnest, you can independently set up and freely modify the defined workflow path according to your own needs. This way, only the relevant individuals are involved in the process without the need to engage HR personnel.

HRnest not only assists HR departments but also managers and other employees. Each user of the system has their own access with appropriate permissions. Everyone knows how much of their vacation days they have left, at what stage their submitted request is, and whether their vacation plans will not conflict with the plans of other team members. The entire process of submitting a request by the employee and its approval by the supervisor takes just a few clicks.

Less paperwork and simpler accounting

HRnest's main task is to simplify and automate HR processes in the company, all from one panel. It helps achieve this through features like generating and filtering reports, which can be easily exported to Excel with just one click. This allows HR department employees to have more time and energy to focus on other personnel processes that require more involvement and concentration.

We are like "HR orchestras" here, and thanks to HRnest, everything takes us much less time. There is significantly less manual work. Basically, the only thing we need to do is enter the holiday limit into the system, then update it if needed, and once a year, fill in the Excel file. The rest is automatically generated and calculates the appropriate number of vacation days for everyone. So, there is really not much work involved. - Victoria.

Like a sizable group of our clients, the company uses external accounting services. Due to the fact that HRnest administrator accounts are not included in the overall pool of accounts in the system, the organization decided to add new ones and make them available to accountants. This allows them to use the data themselves to calculate payroll for employees. Thanks to HRnest's integration with the most popular HR and payroll systems, it takes just a few clicks to generate leaves data in the form of a report and load it into an accounting program.

At any time, we can independently add our third-party partners on the payroll side to HRnest as administrators. This way we don't have to send them anything, we don't have to do any reports. The accountants themselves go into HRnest, generate a report for payroll, check who was on leave and when, and catch any irregularities. This is a super convenience. - Victoria.

Quick and efficient support

One of the crucial aspects, both within the team and with external partners, is also good collaboration and interpersonal relationships. One of the company's values is the maxim "Be professional but not too serious." Bartek, as the customer care representative, has perfectly embodied this philosophy.

As I got to know your support, I found that Bartek is perfect for us. We are a unique company... For us it's important that the people we work with also have a sense of humor and maintain a professional approach. Decent, but also just laid back and Bartek is just like that. - Victoria.

HRnest means satisfied employees

How do you evaluate our cooperation after these 5 years?

For me, it's like stepping into a completely different era. Especially when it comes to managing leaves and absences. After all this time, a sense of relief has emerged, and above all, the satisfaction of employees.

Electronic leave requests, which were a novelty for employees just 5 years ago, quickly gained recognition and became a part of onboarding. Our clients, as a modern company, demonstrate at every step that they know perfectly well how to make use of the time saved on HR formalities.

I hope that there will be fewer and fewer organizations that remain "paper-based." I can't even imagine it being any other way now. - Victoria.

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