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Updates – 2 new time recording modes

50th release of HRnest Improvements – it demands a celebration! That’s why we’re coming to you with something special today: 2 new time recording methods were added to your HRnest account! See how easy it can be to record employees’ hours in your company:

Automatic registration of working time – time tracking redefined!

Time recording has never been easier – now you don’t have to do it at all!

But what do you mean, after all, recording working time is my duty…

Of course, it is! However, we know that sometimes we would like someone to do it for us.

We have good news for you – from today HRnest can automatically register your working hours and relieve you of the obligation to log into the system just to register your regular 9 to 5.

This makes time tracking even simpler – for everyone.

Employees don’t have to keep an eye on recording their hours each day and ensure that no hour is missed.

The HR department or corporate accounting department is assured that the attendance records are properly completed and ready for archiving.

But – what if there is some sudden absence in the team? Will the system also record working time even then?

No worries – both the employee and the HR department still have full control over HRnest’s time tracking system. If the employee issues a vacation request for that day before the absence occurs and it is approved by HRnest – the working time will not be recorded automatically.

At any time, you can also correct wrongly recorded working time or completely remove it from the registry. To do this, simply select the Time Recording tab from the side menu and make the appropriate changes:

See HRnest’s Work Time Help section – there we have prepared detailed guides for editing previously recorded working time.

However, this is not the only new feature we have added to HRnest’s time tracking system. You can also choose from one more(!) new mode – Mark attendance.

Mark attendance – for flexible teams!

As we develop our tool, we constantly remain attentive to the needs of the companies we work with. To our joy, new organizations are constantly joining our ranks, with different needs and challenges related to HR processes.

Sometimes it happens that classic time recording does not work for a company. This can be related to the specifics of the industry in which the company operates or the culture of the organization.

Wanting to suit the widest possible range of businesses, we decided to provide you with an alternative to the traditional method of time recording. We called it “Mark attendance” – let us explain what it is all about:

Mark attendance mode in HRnest replaces the indication of specific hours worked on a given day with 1 convenient button: “I am present”. When clicked, HRnest will automatically add to the records the 8 hours worked by the employee on a given day.

The specific hours, in this case, will not be specified in the record report, but the date and time of clicking the button reporting attendance will be recorded into the system:

However, if for some reason you need to change the number of hours worked on a given day (for example, when an employee reports the need to leave the office early) – it is possible to make the adjustment both by the employee or HR:

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