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Updates – 3 new language versions and a new employee onboarding tool

Hola! bonjour! Guten Morgen! Another batch of improvements has just arrived at HRnest. This time, 3 new language versions are waiting for you, and a brand new feature to help you onboard new employees in your company. See how to activate it and start improving onboarding with HRnest today:

3 new language versions

When we created HRnest, we had 1 goal: to make the company’s HR processes run as smoothly as possible.

But even in our wildest dreams, did we not assume that this thought would resonate with so many business owners, managers, and HR professionals worldwide. Since the launch of HRnest in 2013, we have had the opportunity to speak with representatives of small, medium, and large companies from 47 countries around the world:

Each conversation gave us extremely valuable information on HR challenges faced by modern companies. Each time, our specialists worked together with clients to seek effective solutions to such challenges. However, there were situations in which we were unable to help.

Usually, the main reason was the language barrier. Implementing our tool in companies where not all employees felt comfortable speaking English was difficult. Some terms related to documents or HR processes also caused confusion and hindered the daily performance of duties.

So the next step seemed clear: we need to provide our customers with HRnest in their native language.

We present the results of last month’s activities in this direction today.

HRnest in Spanish, French, and German

From now on, you can use HRnest in as many as 6 language versions:

  • Polish
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Working with a professional translation agency, we tailor each version to local HR and business management terminology. Using the Configuration tab, you can quickly adapt the system to local labor laws and use HRnest from anywhere in the world.

HRnest allows each system user to use its own language version if you work in international teams. You can select it using the drop-down list visible in the top menu:

In addition, the system administrator can independently set a dedicated language version for each employee. This way, when employees log into the system for the first time, they will immediately see the system in the language they speak daily:

HRnest is a tool that helps you overcome barriers in HR processes in small and medium-sized companies. This time you will overcome the language barrier together with our app!

New feature: set documents reference requirements 

During the induction of a new employee, one of the main tasks is to ensure that the employee is familiar with all the documents related to starting work at the company, like contracts and regulations, statutes, or various instructions explaining how to work in your company.

It’s not hard to get lost in paperwork and forget to give the employee documents to read. To prevent such a situation, we have added a function to HRnest that will remind the employee to read specific documents. All you need to do is to add a specific document to the employee’s File in HRnest and mark the need for the employee to read the document:

From then on, HRnest will launch a system of automatic email notifications to remind designated employees to review documents added to their files.

In the employee’s account under Personal Files -> Documents, the document you added will appear, along with a button to review it:

In the next window, he can download the document in question and, after reviewing it, mark this fact with the  button:

When an employee confirms reading the document, the icon next to the document will change appearance:

In addition, the person responsible for reviewing the documents will also receive regular email reminders about it once a week.

With this feature, you can greatly automate onboarding new employees and the company’s workflow. Don’t let paperwork consume the important time of introducing a new employee to your organization’s culture and way of doing things. 

Learn more about best practices in onboarding employees.

Log in to HRnest and see how to simplify your company’s workflow management. And if you are passionate about learning languages – you can also explore HRnest in French or Spanish. 😊

See you in the system!

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