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Updates – International travel per diem rates update, new integrations

At HRnest, we’re celebrating the new week with a bump! This is thanks to new updates that have just been released to our application. You can look forward to new integrations, an additional method of granting leave limits, and an even clearer interface.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes at HRnest:

New integrations

We have recently added up to 2 new integrations to HRnest:

The first is the integration with Streamsoft. Since recently you can export the recorded HRnest working time and add it to Streamsoft Prestiż. The whole thing will literally take you a few clicks, without worrying about manually transcribing data between two systems:

We have also recently extended the possibilities of our integration with Enova system. From now on you will be able to export the working time recorded in HRnest to this system and settle the worked hours faster.

New method of calculating holiday limits

We’ve recently made improvements to our application regarding how we calculate leave limits for employees.

There are times when an employee who needs to be calculated an individual leave limit is granted incomplete leave days (e.g. only 5 hours instead of 8).

To make it easier to calculate such leaves and keep records, we have introduced an option in HRnest to change the individual limit unit from days to hours.

NOTE: If you wish to activate this feature, please contact us. At this time, this option can be configured by one of our Account Managers .

Interface improvements

HRnest is a system that is constantly growing and evolving with its users. This also means that more and more features are appearing in it. To make it easier for you to navigate the system and configure all of its capabilities, we have made the following changes:

  • In the template for adding contracts collectively, we have removed the requirement to specify the end date of the contract. (Personal File)
  • We have expanded the awareness message that if the schedule when adding hours collectively is longer than a month then the add hours action can be repeated several times. (Work Time)
  • We have added information that the monthly leave usage report only includes requests (Leave)
  • We have supplemented the regular password change page with information that this procedure is due to the password change policy set by your company’s HRnest admin account.

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