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Next new functionalities in Leave and Personal file modules

In the last few days, we’ve made some handy new improvements to Leave and Personal file modules.

The first one concerns the possibility of adding leave limits collectively for selected types of requests, e.g. Home office. In the Leave configuration, we select an individual limit for a given type of request, so that in the next step we can use a ready template for bulk uploading of specific limits.

Enabling an individual limit for a given type of request in the Leave module.
Adding an individual limit for a given type of application - e.g. Home Office

Additionally, when printing a PDF file with a holiday request, there is an option to choose the view – with or without the approval history.

Two options for printing a vacation request - with or without the approval history.

The absence symbol and a link to the details of the request are visible on the list of absentees from the HR Department account.

Entering the vacation request details from the list of absentees.

If the “The request to cancel the application first goes to the supervisor” function is enabled, the request sent by the employee to cancel the application is now also sent to the deputy, who was appointed for the duration of the absence of the main supervisor. The deputy may accept or reject the cancellation request from his account.

Cancellation requests visible in the deputy manager's account.

One of the changes in the Personal file module is the ability to add work Experience – this section is visible in the details of the employee’s account.

Adding information about work experience in employee account details.

The last functionality concerns the possibility of exporting to Excel the employee requests addressed to the HR Department.

Export to Excel of the applications listed in the Personal file module.

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